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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Almost Neil Gaiman Book Signing (here in Toronto)...

I had bought a ticket to see Neil Gaiman on his very last book tour.  He's in Toronto, tonight, for a reading followed by a signing but I'm at home, wishing I would be there.

Why you might ask, am I home?  Because I'm broke, in short.  Sure I have books by Neil Gaiman sitting on my bookshelf, that would absolutely love to be signed, but Chapters/Indigo have sent out an email stating that only books bought through them may be signed by Neil.  Since, months and years ago, when I bought the books, I didn't know that I would need the receipt, in order to prove where they were bought, my only option is to buy a new book, there, at the signing. 

Unfortunately this is rent week and it's been a heavy month with issues, no need to go into my finances here but know that I can count the dollars I have with the digits I possess. 

My option is to go to the reading and when he's done with the chapter, leave, since I'm sure there's no option to just stand in line with nothing to sign, or go and watch him read and then watch him do some signings for other people.

Instead I decided to go home and read, all by my lonesome. 

I'm just resolved, now, to never accommodate something like this, when I'm a published author, where people have to re-buy books in order to prove their purchase.  I'm sure Neil Gaiman doesn't have a hand in any of this and I'm not upset with him, just upset with the bookstores that have this type of attitude.

I saw Anne Rice, last year, and she spoke at the public library and allowed up to three books signed, regardless of where they were bought.

Oh, well.  Maybe I'll meet ya at a convention or something, Neil?  When I'm pushing my book, too.  We will see.

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