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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nanowrimo 2013

Once again into the breach or something to that affect. (Is that the right use for affects? I shall google it toot sweet.....Apparently, I was wrong it's effect.  You can check out why, here.) Sooooo.....

Once again into the breach or something to that effect.  Nanowrimo is upon us and if you're not sure what that is, you too can google, I'm sure, it's the month of the year when I realize I'm not really a writer and I turn tail and run back under the covers to hide until it's over and I can go back to pretending.

Actually, things aren't that bad.  You wouldn't know that, since I never seem to post on my own blog, which exists so that I might reach potential readers.  I finished a short story a month or so back and it's heading out to be looked at by an editor before I put it onto kobo or amazon or something yet to be determined.  I've also gutted the first book I wrote, a zombie tale from the viewpoint of multiple characters, and have turned it into a series of shorter stories too.  One of those is novella length while the rest kinda remain at short story level.

This year, I'm pretty excited about my novel, a ghost story taking place in a hotel up in Alaska.  The tag line is...As the nights grow longer the bumps get louder.

Truthfully, I've already written about 500 words.  I know, I know, you're not supposed to write anything until Nov. 1 but I had to, the opening scene came bubbling up through the nether-regions of my mind the other night and, well, now it's been put down into digital ink.

I was beginning to get bogged down into the technicalities of it all, where does it take place, what gold rush town does it take place near but then I realized I'm the one writing it and I can fudge the numbers....a little bit.  I've traveled enough around Alaska, probably more than a lot of Alaskans have, to be honest.  I've been to Anchorage, Homer, Wasilla, Fairbanks, Seward, Aniak, Talkeetna and most of the smaller towns in between.  I muscled through two summers working at a Salmon Bake (exactly what you think it is, except we rented tent cabins and had a gift shop, as well.) at Denali National Park and I've drank a bulldog in a bar that Robert Service used to frequent and I've found myself in-between a Moose and her calf and lived.  The hotel and the small town that live in my mind are kind of an amalgamation of all those places and experiences.

So bring on November first.....I feel ready.


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