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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The case for self publishing

The case for self publishing has been proven.  Not really, I'm just being a bit dramatical, as the kids say.

Read the story here.

It's strange to me that it's taken a publishing group this long to ask for money back on advances not realized with 'actual' books.

I'm a bit jealous because if someone gave me $33,000 I would most certainly be able to give them a book in return within the nine years that Elizabeth Wurtzel had.  Even if I had to write that book on used toilet paper.  Again, dramatical.  I'm just saying a huge population of wanna be authors are out there hoping and praying for such an advance.  It's hard to see it wasted.

So, while I don't like the idea of a publisher suing for the return of an advance, I dislike the idea of an author taking the money and running, even more.

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