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Monday, July 9, 2012

Prisoner of Carlos Zafon Ruiz

Short post from an insomniacs night...

Just about to finish the new Carlos Zafon Ruiz novel "The Prisoner of Heaven".

Initial thoughts...

This installment in the Cemetery of Lost Books series is also the shortest.  And you wonder why, when you're reading it.  Fermin, one of the popular characters, get his back story in this novel and even though quite dramatic events happen the author jumps forward though things quickly.  Considering that the author also happens to be quite verbose, this is truly strange.  Enjoyable but strange.

Even though the author says that you should be able to read this series of books alone, without having read any of the others, I'm going to have to re-read the previous two novels as "Prisoner| likes to jump back and forth betwixt the first two.

I am at that stage with this novel that I've slowed my reading down.  I do love the words this man puts to page or, at least, I love the words his translator chooses to describe the words that Carlos has put to page.  Or something like that.  Either or I love to read this mans books and here I am about to finish the last one for, probably, the next couple years.  Sometimes you wish your favorite author was one of those publishing machines, brands, who put out novels once every four to six months.  But, then, you know you wouldn't appreciate them as much.  So, I'll pace myself through the last bit and try to enjoy every second of it.

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