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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anne Vs. Stephenie

A feud broke out this week.  Perhaps you didn't hear about it, what with Cain Vs. Perry going on.  Unfortunately this feud has the potential to change the world in which we live in such huge, drastic, proportions.  It all comes down to who's vampires rock more.

I'm not even going to voice an opinion here and you shouldn't have to ask what my answer would be.  Do I want sparkling vampires or vampires that will turn their own mothers or children into blood suckers?

For me, watching this has been quite fun.  Seeing authors wage mini wars on each other is very entertaining.  But, in all honesty, Stephenie Meyer is taking a lot of flack, these days.

Here's what Stephen King has to say....here (hint, it's not positive)

Here's Anne's view....here (obviously, not good)

I read the first book, in the Twilight series, on word of mouth, from friends, long before the movies came out or the Twilight phenom reached fever pitch.  I believe that what Stephen King says is true, "She can't write worth a darn." but it's her ideas that keep the people coming back.  Say what you will but she's tapped into something that has some resonance. I don't get it, most of my friends don't get it, but certainly the people forking over their money for the books and movies 'do' get it.

I just almost wish she would have called them something else, other than Vampires.  Sure they drink blood and have everlasting life but that's pretty much where the similarities end.  While even Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, chose to learn and expand his horizons, as each day repeated.  These 'Vampires' in Twilight choose to stay in high school.  Huuuuuwhaaaaat?  All of eternity poised before you and you want to learn how to skip gym class for the fiftieth year in a row?

Of course, the thing is, without this idea, hundred year old Vampires in school, how would they ever meet our sixteen year old, and get her preggo with a vampire baby, before finally corrupting her further and, eventually, making her sparkle, as well.

Ultimately popular authors have always taken the hit for being popular.

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