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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Impressions

So, okay, I know this is s'posed to be a blog about writing but to be a good writer one must read.

Now, first impressions of the Kobo....

Love it.

It's a little slow and once they get the font size issue worked out, it's gonna be fantastic.

I finished my first book, last night, on the Kobo. "Bite Me" by Christopher Moore, if you should know. And I have to say that what they say is true. You forget your reading on an electronic device. Just like a real book the pages disappear and you're into the story.

Anywho, on to other stuff.

I've started a little thing that I'm calling "Hell In A Hand-basket", a zombie novel. I'm thinking of blogging it, to put it out there and try and keep myself 'on it', so to say. Posting two chapters and then combining them with the third chapter and selling it on Amazon and Kobobooks, in installments, for 99 cents, then posting the next two and combining them with a third, and so on and so on. I don't have to explain it any further than that, do I? Oh, I do? Okay, I'll try this.

Chapter 1 - free on blog
Chapter 2 - free on blog
Chapter 3 - Amazon or Kobo for the first three
Chapter 4 - free on blog
Chapter 5 - free on blog
Chapter 6 - Amazon or Kobo for the second three
and so on and so forth (such as)

But first I want to get a bit ahead, as I'm only about three chapters in. I'd like to do ten sets of three so that the book, as a whole, would still only cost about ten bucks.

Anywho, it's an idea and I'll, at least, try it for the first couple installments.

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