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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions (New year and otherwise)

The last few years have had their share of ups and down and ups and downs and so on and so forth, or something like that.

My short story The Ghost Next Door is going out to be edited, I'm working on a super hero novel, told in three parts, that I find pretty interesting.  It's a general super hero story but I can't help it from being a purely "adult" novel.  Meaning, I guess, that characters get killed and people have sex, there's no cut away scenes where people die off page or couples 'do it' after the chapter ends.  I'm doing this because the story dictates I do so, you write and the story decides, most, if not all, the time.  Also it's a bit more realistic.  It's one of the reasons I love the George R.R. Martin books so much.  You might love a character but is it realistic that they would survive through so many different, life threatening, situations?  Probably not.  So he keeps it real and people kick it that you think shouldn't, due to the fact that they seem, seemed, like such an integral piece of the plot.

Though I haven't finished much in the last year, writing wise, it's still been the most productive bit of time I've spent at the keyboard.  Hopefully the next year will keep me on the uptick and things can move forward, another step in the direction of being published.

I sit here, watching the snow falling, outside, and the characters call to me, ask me to keep them active.  I will do so and hope that, in the end, their story entertains you, as well.  :)


  1. Looking forward to your story, Mr. H.


  2. Congrats on your story being sent to the editor. It's such a large milestone for authors, and it tends to be brushed aside. Hope that your superhero novels are going well.