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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum and pre Nano ramblings

Tonight's the premier of the new season of American Horror Story.  I didn't realize how much I had missed this show until right now, pretty much.  I love the fact that this season is it's own complete story as well.  I remember watching last year, earlier this year?  Thinking?  How can they do a second season of this, they're moving characters off this show like it's been canceled. lol.  I also love that, right now, they seem to be moving through the ghost story tropes, season one took place in a haunted house and this season is in an insane asylum.  Next season might take place in a hotel or prison.

Which brings me to my pre-NaNoWriMo novel ideas.

1- A man who begins having vivid dreams of himself in a faraway fantasy land begins to think they might be real, when he wakes up with a wound suffered while in the dream.  A demon begins to chase him through his 'real' life and the clues to ridding himself of this figure lie in the fantasy land that might or might not be real. (Still a lot of work on the actual story has to be done on this on, it's still a rough thought from earlier today)

2- A young boy discovers the house in his neighborhood, that's always found itself vacant, is haunted by another young boy.  (vague, I know, but honestly it's more fleshed out in my mind than a lot of the other stories tumbling around and you can see the American Horror Story analogy here, yes?)

3- To be determined. :)

I'm also reworking a bit of my original horror novel, from seven years ago, yikes!, into a novela/short story.  That novel, always without a name, seemed to be a series of short stories that were linked together, anyway.  My goals is to have it somewhat finished in a couple weeks and then send it out to some people to read for feedback.  If you're up for this task, let me know.  :)

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