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Friday, February 12, 2010

Under the Dome

So, I have a guilty pleasure for Stephen King books, even made a pilgrimage to his house in Bangor, when I lived in Maine (of course he doesn't know this and we're both probably better off without him finding out). That combined with the idea that to be an author you need to read, my goal has been to read a book a week, and I'm a little dumbfounded. I've been plodding through "Under the Dome" since I bought it, on our vacation to Toronto, in November. It's now February. It's not that it's a bad book, I'm actually liking it quite a bit, more so than "Lisey's Story" and a few of his newer books. So, what's the deal? I dunno. Meanwhile all these other books, that I want to read are backing up and threatening to drown me.

I think my next day off I'm going to make a date with Mr. King. Me him and a bottle of wine and "Under the Dome".

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